Local Repeater Network

The Jamaica Amateur Radio Association owns and maintains an island wide network of VHF repeaters for communication between local Hams. VHF island wide communication in Jamaica, can only be achieved with the use of multiple repeater stations. Strategically placed and linked around the island, these help to overcome the obstacles presented by the Jamaican terrain.

JARA since its inception has confirmed that a sufficient level of demand exists for hams to communicate across the island. The assistance in disaster communications, and the growth of Amateur Radio, encourages the development of the associations repeater network.

Since 1980 this network has also assisted in providing communications for the Office Of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management and the Jamaica Red Cross in providing Emergency Communications. We are at times requested by the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management to provide communication from the affected areas, establish communication posts and pass messages to the relevant authorities.

In the past years we have also provided communications for special community events such as, road races, marathons, track and field events and motor rallies, where we are highly praised on our communication skills.

The network is also used as a place for social chat, or for exchanging new ideas.

Location Frequency (MHz) Split Tone Site ID
Catherine's Peak UHF link 449.500 -5MHz 88.5 LOVE FM
Catherine's Peak - St. Andrew 147.960 -600kHz 79.7 LOVE FM
Marley Hill - Portmore 147.900 -600kHz 79.7 JPS
Flower Hill - Montego Bay 146.960 -600kHz 79.7 FLOW
Spur Tree - Mandeville 146.880 -600kHz 79.7 RJR
Solomon's Peak - Oracabessa 146.700 -600kHz 79.7 RJR
Shafton - Westmoreland 147.800 -600kHz 79.7 Comtron
Winchester - St. Thomas 147.840 -600kHz 79.7 Digicel
Shotover - Portland Available if needed RJR
Bowden Wharf - St. Thomas Special Link Setup 88.5 Jamaica Coast Guard

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