There are three types of membership available, as set out in section 22 of our Rules and Regulations:

  • Associate
  • Transmitting/Full
  • Honorary
  • Associate Membership is open to persons who are not holders of an Amateur Radio License, although interested in Amateur Radio and wish to take advantage of the training offered.
  • Transmitting or Full membership is open to Licensed Amateur Radio operators of any country that is a member of the International Telecommunications Union.
  • Honorary membership may be awarded by the Committee of Management, to members whom they deem fit by way of outstanding performance or having given invaluable assistance for a number of years.

(Application for membership may be found here)


Applicants should attend at least one meeting of the Association and talk with members, in order to understand Amateur Radio and our Association, allowing one to decide whether membership is to his or her liking. Under our Rules and Regulations, the same guest may not attend more than three meetings in a calendar year.

It may be useful to secure a copy of the regulations governing Amateur Radio operations in Jamaica. The Radio and Telegraph Controlled (Amateur Radio Service) Regulations 1974. This is available from the Government Printing office, Duke Street, Kingston.


Only members of JARA are eligible for the training offered by the Association. Students will participate in classes (conducted by the Association) in Basic Electronics Theory, Voice procedure and Standard Operating Procedures for Amateur Radio. The competence of each student will be tested for obtaining a Class B Amateur Radio license that is issued by the Spectrum Management Authority (SMA). Transmitting members who wish to upgrade their license are also tested by the SMA.

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