Repeater Link System

All remote repeaters can see the central hub (the UHF link repeater and VHF drop repeater connected back to back). The link repeater is used to repeat the incoming transmissions to all other repeaters, including the drop repeater connected to it.

Star link uses a repeater as a hub (usually on a higher band) and repeaters with "remote base radios" at the tips of the star.

This is the least expensive method of setting up a linked system since it does not require duplex links at both ends, and does not require the type of controller which supports addressable links.

Any repeater controller which supports 1 remote base radio will work nicely. Location of the hub repeater is key in a star link system. The hub repeater must be able to "see" all of the repeaters in the system in order to work as desired. Star link systems are not addressable by users, all the tips of the star are usually left connected, and can only be disconnected by going through the repeater system at the tip.

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