Packet Radio

Packet Radio In Jamaica is temporarily limited to non-existent. As the Associations equipment is presently being repaired.

Packet radio in Jamaica got a boost in 1990 by VITA. This organization donated to the Jamaica Amateur Radio Association four complete packet stations, comprising of IBM Model 50Z computers with IBM proprinters, two Kantronics TNC and two PK232 Multi Mode Controllers.

Following this N4QQ along with others installed our first Packet Bulletin Board System at our club station 6Y5RA. The 6Y5RA PBBS was on the air on 145.01.MHz VHF and 14.105.5 MHz (NET105) on HF. running the MBL V5 software. This system however had several limitations and no multi connect facility.

With the loading of MSYS Ver 1.10 later that same year, we now had the capability of HF > VHF gateways, Network Node, K Nodes and TCP/IP (TCP/IP being used extensively by the Internet). We were now happy with all those capabilities. Our NET105 frequency was continually jammed and thus we thought it best by all on frequency to move down to 14.095.0Mhz. during this period the 6Y5EW PBBS became operational. This PBBS handled lots of the traffic in and out of the Island, and was used extensively as a trans-shipment port for other Caribbean countries. This PBBS was located at the Office OF Disaster Preparedness. Sadly this PBBS was taken out of service in 1993..

Presently we are running MSYS1.3 on our network, with HF (14.095) and VHF (145.01) frequencies used. Our gateway is operational from HF > VHF and vis--vis. We also have a digipeater located on one of the high mountain ranges (Temporarily down), from which the digipeater is able to talk across approximately 50% of the island.

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