JARA Management Committee

The election of Officers and Technical Committee shall take place at the Annual General Meeting which shall be held in the month of January of each year or as soon thereafter as possible.

The Officers of The Association shall consist of a President, First and Second Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary, Operations Manager. There shall also be a Technical Committee consisting of three members of The Association other than any of the aforementioned Officers.

The Officers together with the members of the Technical Committee and a representative from each chapter and the immediate past President shall form a Committee of Management.

Management Committee for 2015-2016

  • President   Nigel Hoyow 6Y5HN 876-856-2213 nigelhoyow@gmail.com
  • 1st Vice-President   Dr. Gavin Bellamy 6Y5GG 876-381-0124 gavbella1@cwjamaica.com
  • 2nd Vice-President   Ivor Barrett 6Y5DW 876-470-7812 ivor.barrett@gmail.com
  • Secretary  Carole McDowell 6Y5CP 876-926-5875 charlie2papa@yahoo.com
  • Treasurer  Basil Davidson 6Y5DB 876-9951424 bcdavidson@flowja.com
  • Operations Manager  Mike Capleton 6Y5CM 876-382-7048 mcapleton@gmail.com

Technical Committee for 2015-2016

  • Horace Lawrence 6Y5AW 876-824-2787 lawrence5aw@cwjamaica.com
  • William Reynolds 6Y5WW 876-303-6523 gr135@hotmail.com
  • Terry Pearce 6Y5TP 876-454-3147 tp.wigwam@btinternet.com


  • Gerald Burton 6Y5AG 876-468-5255 island_prince58@yahoo.com
  • Maurice Sale 6Y5MS 876-909-7737 msale6y5ms@cwjamaica.com

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