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Name: Rupert Walford 6y5rw
Date: April 03, 2010.
Comment: to those who laboured to put this together,thank you.Hoping this will stir new interest in members who have taken a sabbatical away from the radio to comback,and enjoy the fun amateur radio offers.nuff said
Name: Michael Shirley
Date: April 03, 2010.
Comment: Congratulations to JARA and the team. The web site is looking good. Keep it going! 6Y5JD/KA5JDX...
Name: Carole P McDowell --- 6y5CP
Date: April 03, 2010.
Comment: As you can imagine, I looked at the photos first. Nothing like a picture that tells a thousand words. I enjoyed reminiscing about those "good old days." I will to go through each section and only comment if necessary. I shouted out when I saw the photo with BIG CRAB in the grass, and the BIG GREEN CROAKIN' LIZARD! Congrats & thanks to all who worked to "put JARA on the 'map'" and bring it partly into the 21st Century. OOPS! just saw characters limit; revised it
Name: Mike Matalon
Date: April 03, 2010.
Comment: Great to see JARA back on track. Congrats to all the MGT group and all the new members. 73's 6Y5MM
Name: Rohan Berry
Date: April 03, 2010.
Comment: 'Hats off' to all those who made this change happened.The website seems more user friendly and organized.Looking forward to even greater things from JARA. 6Y5BR/AI4KZ
Name: Royston Gaynor 6y5rx
Date: April 02, 2010.
Comment: Congrats to the builders on a good job, this to show what can be done when we put our minds to something. New look to move forward keep up the good work guys 73's 6y5rx
Name: Royston Gaynor
Date: April 02, 2010.
Comment: Its nice to have a new site, congrats to the builders and hope they continue to improve on it Royston Gaynor 6y5rx
Name: William Reynolds
Date: April 02, 2010.
Comment: Good to see the site up with the new look.
Name: Mark Baylis (6y5MB)
Date: April 02, 2010.
Comment: Great work. Lets now build on it!
Name: Othniel Hibbert 6y5ho (oscar)
Date: March 31, 2010.
Comment: Real nice, very user friendly i like it a lot cool.
Name: Michael Espeut6Y5 MEVE3MBJ
Date: March 30, 2010.
Comment: Very nice, informative, easy to read and very well constructed. Congrats to everyone involved-finally JARA moving forward-Well done all. 73's
Name: Peter Baugh
Date: March 30, 2010.
Comment: I like your page,i will1 share it KI4UNI/6Y5PB I will be on Saturdays & Sunday morning
Name: Nigel Hoyow HN
Date: March 30, 2010.
Comment: Professional - Nice ! ...599 fb Makes me want to rejoin, where do I re-apply ..--.. Note to Vincent - Name field only has 15 characters, so if your name is Rodney Dangerfield..... hi hi

EDIT: Thanks for the suggestion. Updated it.

Name: KI4HLV6Y5
Date: March 29, 2010.
Comment: Congratulations Vincent and team! A refreshing new start. I hope that this will help to boost interest in both JARA, and UWI clubs. Thank you. Iain McFadyen
Name: Mario Gordon
Date: March 29, 2010.
Comment: As expected, brought within the realms of perfection under the guidance and hard work of a true expert. Congrats on a job well done. JARA moving forward. 73s
Name: Gerald Burton
Date: March 29, 2010.
Comment: Congratulation to the web master on the new apperance..
Name: Garth Thomas
Date: March 28, 2010.
Comment: Aesthetically pleasing website. Very pleasing to view. Congratulations to the web master for a job well done.
Name: Vincent Taylor
Date: March 28, 2010.
Comment: Welcome to the new J.A.R.A. website. I hope you enjoy it. Please leave your comments and suggestions here. Enjoy your stay!


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